As a leading Australian commercial and project management consultancy company within the construction, infrastructure and engineering sectors, we get a lot of questions from our clients about software, project management, commercial management and contracts.

Here on our blog, we cover some of the biggest questions our clients have in these areas, and provide advice, news, updates and thought pieces across construction, infrastructure, engineering and project management in Australia.

May 21 2024

Critical path clarity in project management

Logic+ revolutionises critical path calculations. The construction and infrastructure industries face a common challenge: while professional planning software like Primavera P6 and Asta are excellent at capturing and managing data, they fall short when…
May 10 2024

Smoother outcomes for disputes and claims with ADR

We all know in the construction industry that disputes are inevitable, unfortunately they derail projects, impacting timelines and budgets. Traditional litigation to resolve disputes can be costly and time-consuming, leading the industry to incresingly…
Apr 22 2024

Rethinking Construction Projects with an ESG Lens

By: Dan Woolcott In the global push towards a sustainable future, the construction industry stands out as a bit of a sore thumb in the conversation around change. Collectively, as an Industry, I genuinely…
Apr 08 2024

Project controls for Queensland’s renewable energy transition.

How technology can improve productivity to deliver value for money. The Queensland Government’s commitment to renewable generation targets, whilst admirable from a climate change perspective, poses challenges to the construction industry. We are experiencing…
Oct 23 2023

The Green Hydrogen Revolution in Australia and the Emerging Challenges for EPC Contractors

The idea of using surplus renewable energy to create hydrogen gas for storage and later use has been flagged as a potential game-changer in the global energy complex. Australia has made a commitment to…
Oct 10 2023

Mitigating Risks in Renewable Energy Projects: Strategies for Success

Australia stands out as a premier choice for investors in renewable energy. As the nation takes a proactive stance in addressing climate change, it concurrently faces formidable challenges posed by engineering, procurement, and construction…
Sep 28 2023

The Challenges for EPC Contractors in Renewable Energy Projects in Australia

Australia, a nation blessed with abundant renewable energy resources, stands at a crucial juncture in the global fight against climate change. The country’s vast natural assets position it as a key player in the…
Jun 16 2023

Harnessing Power BI to Empower Decision Making and Project Management

In major infrastructure development, the ability to leverage data effectively can be the difference between successful project outcomes and costly delays. Power BI (a business intelligence tool developed by Microsoft) has revolutionised how we…
May 12 2023

Lewis Woolcott launches new brand and website to support the company’s growth

The Lewis Woolcott team are proud to launch our new branding and website to support the next phase of our business’s growth. Established in 2020 by directors John Lewis and Dan Woolcott, the business…
Jun 06 2022

Jonathan Key Announced As New General Manager in NSW

Welcome to Jonathan Key Lewis Woolcott is delighted to announce that Jonathan Key has been appointed as General Manager – New South Wales, following the company’s recent expansion into the region. Jonathan brings strong commercial…

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Critical path clarity in project management