Project Management Technology

Our revolutionary project management technology gives you the clarity you need to get better outcomes for infrastructure and construction projects.

Revolutionary software for commercial services success

Lewis Woolcott’s software suite uses world-leading technology, unseen in the industry until now. To improve the way you do business.

Our clear and comprehensive data and analytical tools answer some of the most difficult questions in project management and dispute resolution.

Our ground-breaking technology gives low-cost, fast answers to big questions

Get efficient, information-driven answers to crucial questions such as:

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Our in-house software suite:

Uses algorithms to quickly determine the critical path
Records real-time resource movements with GPS tech
Measures real-time productivity
Accurately predicts likely commercial outcomes
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Logic+ for critcal path analysis

Logic+ gives you clarity and direction that is far beyond any other solution

With its proprietary algorithm and innovative features, Logic+ empowers project managers, planners, and delay analysts to optimise scheduling, identify critical paths, and mitigate delays with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

Offering advanced features and intuitive interface, Logic+ revolutionises project management. It offers easy access to Primavera, Microsoft Project and Asta Power Project schedule files (without the need for licenses), enabling superior efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

What’s the Logic+ advantage?

Clear path for complex projects

Users can upload multiple files from most other planning software applications. Logic+ then uses advanced algorithms to determine the critical path to complete the project, and shows delays and concurrent paths. You’ll have complete schedule clarity.

Edit schedules to assess delay impacts

Users can select from a list of critical activities across multiple schedule files to evaluate the project’s critical path. This is a crucial element for delay analysis, giving you clarity that only Logic+ technology can bring.

Create complex planning schedules in minutes

Logic+ produces a comprehensive schedule showing the critical path for major projects within minutes.

Innovation and tech-driven solutions are about saving time and costs by reimagining how things are done. This is exactly what Logic+ does for you, based on true insight.

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SMART (Site Mapping and Resource Tracking)

Eliminate unreliable, poor-quality and time-consuming site records with a single source of truth.

SMART is our in-house software that keeps track of all the resources and personnel on your job site in real-time.

SMART technology uses GPS tracking with schedule integration, heat mapping and real-time alerts to revolutionise how a worksite is managed, no matter how big.

What’s the SMART advantage?

Powerful data-gathering tool

SMART is a powerful tool that advances project management by clarifying otherwise difficult-to-assess elements.

This revolutionary new commercial services industry tool will give you a detailed and accurate resource management assessment.

Unrivalled visual aids

With powerful filtering, heat mapping, schedule integration, and visual playbacks, you will know where and when resources are being used. SMART maps and visualisations are easy to interpret and give any time, anywhere evidence of how projects and resources are managed on the ground.

Real-time results

Success comes from comprehensive knowledge about what’s happening on your site, when it’s happening.

SMART puts this information at your fingertips when you need it. It’s an invaluable tool that will save you time and money by identifying obstacles before they become costly problems.

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Claim Predict

Claim Predict is the most advanced prediction tool in our software suite and the industry.

Sophisticated forensic analysis modelling and collective knowledge aggregation will give you confidence and clarity in dispute outcomes.

Claim Predict is a highly accurate analytical tool in a complex environment. 

It will save you time and money by giving the proof necessary to avoid disputable claims.

What’s the Claim Predict advantage?

Comprehensive knowledge bank

Claim Predict gives you an impartial analytical guide for speedy and successful claims. It’s software that will change the way your claims are resolved.

Claim Predict reveals areas of strength and weakness, informs claim strategy, and improves negotiated outcomes.

Objectives and results-driven

This ground-breaking software has changed the industry by delivering cost-saving results for our clients. It uses data and provides analysis to clarify and resolve disputes and claims quickly.

Inexpensive expertise

Claim Predict gives users the collective expertise of claim dispute professionals in one place. This revolutionary technology provides a simple answer to complex dispute questions. Using holistic, multi-source information and powerful computer technology.

Improve your project outcomes with tech-powered answers

Get the clarity of fast, effective answers to big questions, informed by sophisticated technology and accurate, holistic data. Talk to us today to learn more about our revolutionary technology and how it can improve your project outcomes, costs and efficiencies.