Critical path clarity in project management

May 21 2024

Logic+ revolutionises critical path calculations.

The construction and infrastructure industries face a common challenge: while professional planning software like Primavera P6 and Asta are excellent at capturing and managing data, they fall short when it comes to revealing trends and identifying risks to a project’s critical path. Lewis Woolcott’s Logic+ solution has been designed specifically to bridge this gap, offering a speedy and comprehensive view of project activities and providing a logical critical pathway.

Working consistently with some key customers since the launch of Logic+ two years ago, the Lewis Woolcott team have worked tirelessly to continue to evolve and develop the product to ensure it exceeds the capabilities of all the delay and project analytics software on the market.

Logic+ isn’t planning software. It operates over and above planning software and revolutionises the way critical path calculation, delay analysis, and reporting are handled. Planning tools are adept at absorbing and recording information but cannot highlight emerging trends or project risks effectively. Logic+ addresses this shortcoming by allowing project managers to conduct their own analysis, apply their own questions, and derive answers from the detailed data in a big-picture overlay. Without the need for costly additional licenses for planning software… or the extensive training required to use it.

It is common for major contractors to have only a handful of planners—perhaps six—managing the data input and planning across as many as 300 projects. This leaves little time for in-depth analysis. Planners need to remain task-oriented, while project managers must stay analytical about the project’s status. Logic+ empowers project managers by making analysis fast, accessible and straightforward, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions without waiting for specialised planners.

“Logic+ goes beyond conventional planning and delay software. The power of the data contained in the schedule files is brought to maximum effect, allowing people with no planning experience to view, analyse, and understand a project’s critical path.”

John Lewis

Logic+ enables users to upload multiple planning files in various formats, such as Microsoft Project and Primavera P6 XER files, and then employs a sophisticated algorithm to analyse each file and identify the project’s critical path. The result is a clear, linear sequence of activities that simplifies understanding the critical path and any delays impacting it.

Logic+ analyses all activities from all uploaded schedule files, working backwards from any selected activity, like ‘Practical Completion’, to find the most likely predecessor activity—even when there are no defined logic links. This analysis provides insights into gaps and delays along the critical path, offering a clear audit trail that can be invaluable for assessing Extension of Time claims (EoT) and forming the foundation for prolongation claims.

“Logic+ is ideal for planners, project control specialists, delay analysts, asset owners, and construction lawyers who are keen to enhance their productivity, improve accuracy and transparency, or are looking for a way to validate or enhance their manual calculations more rapidly,” says Lewis.

Thanks to Logic+, what once took weeks to analyse can now be completed in minutes, delivering efficient and accurate critical path calculations. This advance for the industry not only improves project management efficiency but also provides a powerful tool for anyone involved in project planning and analysis.

With Logic+, project managers can now have the analytical power at their fingertips, enabling them to foresee risks, understand trends, and make data-driven decisions swiftly and effectively.

Logic+ was developed by commercial construction and infrastructure project consultants at Lewis Woolcott.  We offer several enterprise-level solutions tailored to your project requirements and team needs, that can be implemented quickly. For more information, to do a free trail or to request a quote, please contact us.

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Critical path clarity in project management