Our Difference

How We Make An Impact

New ways to save money and time

We use innovative, industry-leading data and analysis software combined with expertise and experience.

This unique, technology-driven approach has changed how commercial management and claim resolution teams do business. 

All while saving more time and money, reducing error, and removing the guesswork from the equation. 

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What we do and how we do it

A better way of managing projects

Our process sees our team of experts use data and analysis from sophisticated technology to help you answer important questions and get clarity into your projects and disputes.

It starts with our unbeatable team

Our process starts with an unrivalled high-performance team of experts. Our technology is recognised as an industry leader, so we attract the best to work with us. 

With expertise spanning from project controls and commercial backgrounds to project management and dispute resolution, our team has decades of experience in:

  • Managing budgets
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Multi-million-dollar mining, energy, infrastructure, transport, health, and utility projects
  • Complex environments.

Sophisticated, ground-breaking tech comes next

Our in-house suite of software is a difference-maker. 

We designed this technology to solve common commercial issues and enable superior project management.

SMART transmits and records live personnel and plant locations, anywhere and anytime, across your project. 

Logic+ goes beyond conventional planning software, using multiple planning files in various formats to establish a project’s critical path. 

Claim Predict uses a combination of algorithmic modelling, forensic analysis and aggregation of your team’s collective knowledge to assess costs and claims. 

Better project outcomes are the result

Our experts know what data is needed to get results

They gather, assess and analyse that data with our industry-revolutionising software to provide clarity and direction to your management team.

  • Improve the performance of your projects
  • Gain greater visibility, insight and clarity
  • Unlock accurate data, modelling and analysis
  • Empower yourself and your team to make the right decisions at the right times
  • Recover money and time, and improve project efficiency while reducing risk.

Our software and solutions can even be tailored to your business and project needs.

Talk to one of our experts today to learn more about how we can improve outcomes for you across your projects. 

How we make an impact

Project clarity like never before

The Lewis Woolcott suite of software is not just an alternative. It’s a step above that revolutionises the industry. 

Across all areas of project management, we’ve unlocked a new level of project clarity that will redefine industry benchmarks.

So you can make informed and quick decisions with certainty and confidence. Your stakeholders will notice the difference.

Confident Male Data Scientist Works on Personal Computer Wearing a Headset in Big Infrastructure Control and Monitoring Room.
workers discussing on going job

Solutions to long-standing problems

Gaining access to new technology-driven data will give your team the tools to build something different.

And our team are there to assist you with that process.

We have been, and will continue to, find new solutions to old problems for our clients.

Experience and expertise meets smart tech

Our in-house software supports the work of our high-performance team.

This combination can bring unparalleled insight to your next project or dispute. All at a fraction of the cost and time of old project management methods.

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Innovative problem-solving

Our industry-leading technology attracts the best, forward-thinking candidates to work for us. 

It’s part of why we’re known as an innovation leader.

Our team thinks differently, with a focus on improving processes, efficiencies, profitability, certainty, and outcomes for you.

Real-world data and empowered decision-making

Real-time analytics have been used in other industries to increase productivity, but not in project management. Until now.

We’ve brought computer modelling and forensic data analysis to risk management, commercial advisory, dispute resolution and project controls.

Bespoke reports and real-world, real-time data will empower you to make the right decisions at the right time.

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Let us make an impact on your outcomes

Get real-time, real-world insight, powerful modelling, analytics, and the expertise of niche experience for your projects. You’ll benefit from better productivity, decision-making, planning, and outcomes than ever before. Talk to us today and learn how our impact can increase yours.

Our Difference