Project Controls

Lewis Woolcott has the technology, data, and expertise to add value to any project controls capability.

Industry-leading, technologically driven project controls

At Lewis Woolcott, we help our clients achieve better project outcomes via our industry-leading project controls process. 

We use our unique, in-house data-gathering and computer-modelling software to help you deliver your projects faster and more efficiently.

Our combination of data analytics, technology, and consultancy expertise, gives us an unparalleled position you won’t find elsewhere.

Our project controls services give you:

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Data gathering and analysis for effective project controls

Most large projects collect data but apply it for analysis with varying degrees of success. A project’s performance can be significantly hurt by unreliable, inconsistent, outdated, or hard-to-understand information.  

Our real-time data-capture software, SMART, paired with our project controls expertise, solves these problems:

We are proudly one of the fastest-growing project management companies in Australia. 

It’s our innovation and expertise that inspires new clients, and our data-driven, expert-led results that keep them coming back time and time again.

Technology-led and innovative data collection

Sought-after outcomes for comprehensive project controls start with our in-house software.

Our technology provides the algorithms required for advanced and accurate data-driven reporting and monitoring. Our experts then use this data to create schedules that save time and money with data-based assessments.


LOGIC+ is our new proprietary software for delay and critical path analysis. It takes multiple project schedule files and establishes a single critical path (including as-built critical path). 

Far superior to any other conventional planning software on the market, LOGIC+ not only uses logic, but also assesses all file attributes in an advanced computer algorithm.

  • Identifies where and when key activities need to be achieved
  • Shows critical periods of delay
  • Backs up its findings with easy-to-understand reports, making delay disputes less likely and easier to resolve.


SMART accelerates project controls into the future, providing a real-time record of site activity. This lets you see exactly where and when your resources are being concentrated.

SMART also identifies and rectifies any loss of productivity or delays instantly; before they become an expensive and time-consuming problem.

  • Watchable playthrough of production as it unfolds
  • Historical playbacks can be quickly viewed in time-lapse
  • View the site with bird’s-eye-view precision, however large it is
  • Digitally captures all activity on a project
  • Creates a full digital recording of the project’s execution.

Claim Predict​

Claim Predict is our unique forecasting software that solves project disagreements concerning contractual entitlement, quantum assessments and delay entitlement.

Claim Predict allows you to leverage all the valuable information and opinions from legal teams, experts, engineers and managers in a structured, analytical and holistic manner.

Here’s how it works:

  • Detailed, comprehensive computer modelling calculates the claim ‘book ends’ 
  • Project teams (managers, engineers, lawyers, experts) log into the platform and answer survey questions that inform the model
  • Claim Predict’s algorithm models the most likely range of claim outcomes based on the ‘book-end’ analysis and survey responses
  • The software produces an easy-to-understand report.

Our software can be tailored to meet your specific project controls needs. Talk to us to learn more about our technological solutions for project controls and how they can improve your outcomes.

Our team of experts

Data is more powerful in the hands of experts. 

At Lewis Woolcott, we have the people with the expertise to implement project controls systems and processes and deliver successful and efficient outcomes.

Our team have a proven track record of delivering projects in challenging environments, using data as the backbone of their problem-solving strategies. 

This is what makes Lewis Woolcott different from our competitors in the project controls industry. We have attracted some of the leading minds in our field because they value the power of our industry-leading technology.

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Our experience

Our clients come to us because they want to work with experts who know their industry.

At Lewis Woolcott, our team know, from first-hand experience, the challenges different sectors face in delivering projects. And every sector has its own unique challenges.

Our team of experts have decades of experience in the infrastructure, resource, energy, transport, health, utility, and other sectors.

The Lewis Woolcott team specialise in managing complex stakeholder environments on large-scale billion-dollar projects, and providing bespoke and effective project controls support.

Improve your project profitability with technology-driven project controls

Our project controls services will help you ensure maximum productivity, efficiency, and profitability across your projects. Talk to our experts today to learn more about how our industry-leading formula of expertise + experience + technology can improve your project outcomes.

Project Controls