Project controls for Queensland’s renewable energy transition.

Apr 08 2024

How technology can improve productivity to deliver value for money.

The Queensland Government’s commitment to renewable generation targets, whilst admirable from a climate change perspective, poses challenges to the construction industry. We are experiencing what the QMCA call a productivity conundrum, contributing to rising construction costs, creating a perfect storm to challenge reaching those targets.

“We are delivering less at a higher cost compared to 10, 20, even 30 years ago, and the issue is exacerbated further in Queensland.”


With ambitious net zero emission targets of 50% by 2030, 70% by 2032 and 80% by 2035, we are guaranteed major investment in the renewables sector for the next decade or more, but declining productivity in the construction industry will challenge these targets.  QMCA highlight that the answer could be, to find a way to improve productivity in the short to medium term to deliver better value for money.

With our years of major infrastructure and construction project experience, delivering better value for money on projects through enhancing productivity is something Lewis Woolcott have spent a lot of time thinking about. Here are our top tips for integrating technology to improve project controls for PMO’s in the renewables EPC space:

  1. Achieve Cost-Effective and Efficient Project Delivery
    Technology can facilitate streamlined project management by optimising resource allocation and reducing delays. By having live insights and accurate site records, projects can enhance efficiencies, ensuring timely delivery while staying within budget constraints.
  2. Monitor Project Controls and Resource Allocation
    By recording accurately and benchmarking effectively, project managers can closely monitor project controls and resources, proactively identifying potential delays and optimising productivity. This real-time monitoring capability enables swift adjustments to keep projects on track and within budget.
  3. Access Detailed Project Insights
    Integrating real time insights (using a tool like SMART) with tools like Primavera P6, provides valuable data for decision-making. These insights will enhance scheduling and reporting capabilities, empowering stakeholders with comprehensive information for informed decision-making.
  4. Ensure Safety, Sustainability, and Compliance
    With the QLD Government “putting communities and landholders at the core of how we roll out renewables” (Mick De Brenni – REZ Roadmap), technology offers a foolproof way to monitor landowner permissions, cultural heritage zones, and emissions, ensuring projects remain compliant with regulations and sustainable practices. Using geo-mapping technology simplifies the identification of exclusion zones, and supports environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments.
  5. Accurate Forecasting and Risk Mitigation
    Anticipating risks is vital in construction and particularly when there are tight deadlines like the renewable energy sector, using technology can enable more accurate forecasting and risk mitigation. By allocating resources effectively and implementing contingency plans, projects can navigate uncertainties and maintain momentum, helping keep an eye on safety, productivity and improve value for money.
  6. Simplify Claims and Dispute Resolution
    Having accurate digital records of your sites, facilitates transparent reporting and record-keeping, simplifying any claims or disputes. Project stakeholders can confidently identify causes of delays, allocate accountability, and provide evidence-backed reports, minimising conflicts and ensuring smoother project execution.

Whilst the pace that the Queensland Government are working to transform our energy market presents significant opportunities, especially for us in the infrastructure project space, it also poses challenges that require a strategic approach to the commercial aspects of projects. Adding the right technology to your project management toolkit can reduce risk and increase efficiency, helping stakeholders navigate complexities with greater confidence, driving successful commercial outcomes of improved productivity and better value for money through this vital transition.


Lewis Woolcott is passionate about driving positive change through technology. By leveraging SMART technology, renewable energy projects in Australia can overcome challenges and capitalise on opportunities more effectively. From enhancing project efficiency to ensuring compliance and mitigating risks, SMART offers a comprehensive solution for success in this dynamic sector.

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Project controls for Queensland’s renewable energy transition.