Commercial Advisory Solutions

We provide comprehensive commercial advice based on proven management methodology for commercial contracts, procurement and ongoing management.

Specialist commercial advisory for complex environments

Lewis Woolcott’s commercial advisory services are focused on ensuring contract delivery and managed costs.

We use sophisticated computer modelling software, data, and extensive experience to assess and mitigate risk for our clients.

Our technology-driven assessment of your commercial contracts and procurements will give you the necessary information to make informed and consistent decisions.

  • Remove uncertainty in complex contracts
  • Gain insight into projects influenced by dynamic market forces like labour and supply availability
  • Deliver contracts and manage costs efficiently with specialised, data-driven advice.
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What we do for our clients

We design procurement strategies and commercial frameworks that provide value for money, based on the prevailing market conditions and contractual obligations.

Our advisory services are evidence-based, using technology-driven data and analysis. We combine this with deep expertise and decades of experience across sectors.

Our commercial advisory services include;

How does our tech deliver for clients?

Our cutting-edge software evaluates the impacts on deliverables and commercial outcomes for any given project.

We use our tech to forecast outcomes of set variables like labour shortages and assess various scenarios. This tech-powered approach gives you comprehensive advice on your commercial agreements and contracts, minus the guesswork.


Logic+ is our flagship software. It helps you understand the critical path of a project. Once the planning files are imputed, Logic+ uses a complex, evidence-based algorithm to create a project timeline. This timeline identifies critical deadlines and essential objectives for the next stages of the project.

Logic+ delivers the knowledge you need when negotiating contracts to reduce costs, improve outcomes and mitigate costly delays to major projects.


SMART (Site Mapping and Resource Tracking) is a powerful software unique to Lewis Woolcott. Most major projects change as new information becomes available and managers become aware of the intangible impacts on deadlines.

SMART allows you to quickly and effectively identify and manage change via real-time tracking of resource allocation and worker deployment on-site.

Claim Predict​

Claim Predict is a leading evaluative tool. It can be used to assess costs and claims and as an advisory tool to support contract and procurement assessments.

Claim Predict can predict outcomes of key contractual milestones.

Flexible, adaptable and specific to you

A key feature of our software is its flexibility and adaptability to the specifics of a particular project. With our software, you’re not working with general data models; you’re working with specific data with the exact specifications needed for your project.

A proven team with experience and expertise

We have the very best working with us to deliver for our clients; because a high-performing team know the value of accurate, comprehensive and evidence-based data. 

Our custom software and analytical tools for commercial advisory are recognised as a leader in our industry. This has helped us attract the most skillful and sought-after managers and advisors in Australia and worldwide. 

Our analysts and advisors have decades of experience in commercial advisory and contracting across transport, health, energy, mining, infrastructure, utility and other sectors. 

More expert analysis, less assumption

Our experts pair data with their commercial proficiency to provide consistent advice on how contacts, procurement and conflicts will impact your projects, without the guesswork.

So working with us, you will have all the knowledge and support you need to make financial, resource, and other critical project decisions.

Sector-driven evaluation, reporting and outcomes

At Lewis Woolcott, everything that we do is solution and outcome driven.

We facilitate every part of the advisory process, including analysing contractual implications and potential resolutions.

Commercial contracts are created within a tight legal framework of obligations. But not everything in a major construction project can be accounted for.

Our teams in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth have a wealth of expertise providing business advisory services to billion-dollar companies that need to deliver high-profile, multi-million dollar projects with reliability, accountability and transparency.

Resource sector

Projects in the resource sector demand strong multi-stakeholder engagement, where each demands a specific objective of doing business.

The resource sector is also highly regulated, where projects need a high-performance business advisory team to navigate the complex environment and reach mutually beneficial objectives.

Energy sector

Change management is critical for the energy sector, where energy policy can impact heavily on project viability.

Our data-driven modelling and expertise can reduce risk and help with the commercialisation of technology from innovation-focused partners.

Transport and utilities

Road and rail projects have complex contractual obligations.

When taxpayers help fund the projects, accountability and transparency are key for a successful project.

At Lewis Woolcott, we have data-driven professionals who have worked with these contractual obligations for decades.

Improve the profitability of your projects

Our data-driven commercial advisory services help you ensure maximum productivity, efficiency and profitability across all of your projects. Talk to our experts to learn how your projects, and bottom line, can improve.

Commercial Advisory