As a leading Australian commercial and project management consultancy company within the construction, infrastructure and engineering sectors, we get a lot of questions from our clients about software, project management, commercial management and contracts.

Here on our blog, we cover some of the biggest questions our clients have in these areas, and provide advice, news, updates and thought pieces across construction, infrastructure, engineering and project management in Australia.

Mar 23 2021

A Course of Leeches

The Scene We had been invited to attend a meeting at one of the prestigious law firm’s offices in the city. The magnificent views allowed us to see the full panorama of Brisbane and…
Mar 16 2021

I Can Lift It, Dad

Risk Management We often advise our clients on the best allocation of contractual risks and provide contingency valuations. We find that many owners and operators’ first instincts is to offload risks to the supply…
Mar 09 2021

You Can Replace ‘Them’ with an Algorithm

A year ago, I was walking around the office with our Head of Technology (Let’s call him Shirley) when he nodded his head towards three team members and uttered the words ‘you can replace…

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A Course of Leeches