Risk Management Services

Our risk management consulting focuses on reducing risk, preventing costly errors and recovering project budgets.

Risk management to lower costs & commercial threats

Lewis Woolcott’s risk management services help reduce costs and mitigate delays with a comprehensive and independent risk assessment led by real-world data.

Our revolutionary approach uses our proprietary software for technology-driven data and risk assessment. Creating comprehensive risk analysis and risk mitigation strategies for all projects.

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Software for technology-driven risk analysis & mitigation

Our software was created in-house to solve common yet complex risk problems.

Using technology to assess risk and potential claim costs provides unparalleled clarity and is the backbone of our risk assessment services.

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If you need to know what risks could be detrimental to your schedule, you need Logic+, our in-house critical path tool. 

Logic+ will create major projects’ critical paths in minutes. It clearly identifies the high-risk schedules that could delay a project.

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Site Mapping and Resource Tracking is a comprehensive tool that tracks personnel and resources in real-time to give assessors a clear picture of potential risk.

Our SMART software uses GPS and heat maps to identify high-traffic areas on your site and the movement of machinery. It’s the perfect tool to ensure risk reduction protocols are being observed and acted on.

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Claim Predict​

Claim Predict uses algorithms to build a comprehensive claims database. 

It’s a knowledge bank that delivers an evidence-based assessment of your risk, financial exposure and likely claim outcomes.

Lewis Woolcott’s software suite saves time and money while giving you the peace of mind to focus on your multi-million dollar projects.

Because you’ll know that your project risk is being managed by the best.

Why do you need our assessors?

Our high-performance team of assessors can navigate the minefield of risk mitigation with the confidence of having technology-driven tools. This, paired with expertise and experience, is a winning combo to manage your risk effectively.

The clarity this approach provides has revolutionised the risk mitigation industry. We provide tools for our experts to simplify complex and crucial mitigation products, such as the likely outcomes for each head of claim or for all claims in the aggregate.

Our team frequently uses this technique to verify and improve current commercial strategies or provide the ‘book-ends’ for negotiations.

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What makes our team the best in risk mitigation?

Technology-driven risk assessment is the future, and the best risk analysts in the industry know this. 

Lewis Woolcott’s software is leading the industry’s move into computer modelling for more accurate and comprehensive risk assessment.

It’s why our technological tools have attracted some of the best in the industry. 

Where we have proven results

Resource sector

We specialise in resource projects. Our decades of experience and up-to-date expertise ensure a detailed risk mitigation process and plan for each of our clients.

The resource sector features a complex risk environment with multiple stakeholders. There is geopolitical risk, environmental, sustainability, social, public health and safety, regulatory, reputation and license to operate risk. There is also risk in the downstream use of the minerals and metals from the project.

The support of our robust data-gathering tools and thorough assessment from our team navigates this complex environment efficiently. 

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Energy sector

A comprehensive risk management service is crucial in the highly regulated environment of the energy sector.

Our experts have years of experience in identifying risk in this highly-evolving sector.

Our data-driven modelling and the expertise of our people can reduce your risk.

We can also help with the commercialisation of technology from innovation-focused partners. Because we are also focused on innovation in our industry.

Transport and utilities

Lewis Woolcott is the accountable and reputable risk management partner you need.

For private/public partnerships, accountability in risk mitigation is vital to maintain reputation.

Our professionals have worked with these contractual obligations for decades and are here to help.

Train and blue sky. Representing the rail road projects Lewis Woolcoot offers commercial advisory for.

Why choose Lewis Woolcott?

It’s no secret we’re big on data-driven insights. So it should come as no surprise that we have plenty of results to show you, demonstrating how data-driven risk management will save you time and money and prevent costly errors. We use proven technology across our project management and risk assessment to give you confidence in our results.

Talk to one of our risk management experts today to learn more.

Mitigate risk and save money on your projects

Talk to a risk management expert today and benefit from our team’s deep expertise, experience across sectors and our technology-powered data and analysis. We can provide you with clarity and a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy.

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