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Achieve cost-effective and efficient project delivery

Monitor your project controls and resource allocation to avoid delays and optimise productivity.

Access detailed project insights

SMART delivers live insights and accurate site records of plant activity and delays to optimise efficiencies.

Inform decisions with integrated data

Integrating with Primavera P6, SMART adds valuable detail and insights to your scheduling and reporting.

Ensure safety, sustainability and compliance

Geo-map your exclusion zones effortlessly, supporting your ESG commitments. Monitor landowner permissions, cultural heritage zones, and even CO2 emissions with ease.

Accurate forecasting and risk mitigation

Anticipate potential risks, allocate resources effectively, and implement contingency plans to keep your project on track.

Simplify claims and dispute resolution

With SMART, you can confidently identify the reason for delay, identify accountability, and prove what happened on-site with accurate reports and records of events.

Connect with SMART

SMART technology was developed by our commercial construction and infrastructure project consultants at Lewis Woolcott. The platform gives you access to plant activity and efficiencies, monitors rainfall and parameters that affect project planning, productivity and profitability.

Trusted by leaders in infrastructure and construction

A bird’s eye view of your project

SMART gives you the insights to optimise productivity and accurately forecast the full construction project lifecycle.

SMART (Site Mapping and Resource Tracking) is a powerful software that works with high-performance SMART devices to monitor, transmit and record plant activity at remote locations. Leveraging industry experience, Lewis Woolcott’s SMART technology outperforms the capabilities of both 5D planning and the BIM model by integrating advanced analytics and real-time insights with P6.

SMART solutions tailored to you

We offer several enterprise-level solutions tailored to your project requirements and team needs and implemented quickly. For more information or to request a quote, please contact us.

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