Smoother outcomes for disputes and claims with ADR

May 10 2024

We all know in the construction industry that disputes are inevitable, unfortunately they derail projects, impacting timelines and budgets. Traditional litigation to resolve disputes can be costly and time-consuming, leading the industry to increasingly consider Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as a solution.

What’s not to like about a more efficient and collaborative approach?

As a team of project and construction professionals, Lewis Woolcott has grown up championing ADR as the optimal approach to dispute resolution. In our own experience, ADR is really taking off as the solution for disputes on Australian construction and infrastructure projects. Here’s why:

  1. Swifter Resolution – ADR offers a streamlined approach to dispute resolution, it is naturally faster and less expensive than going to court. With ADR, a neutral third party, who truly understands project challenges and the commercial side of projects will work with you to resolve disputes and claims much faster than any legal system.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness – By opting for ADR over litigation, you not only significantly reduce legal expenses, the age old factor of “time is money” genuinely rings true. Concluding resolutions swiftly and privately gives you more control of the time and money taken to agree an outcome, ensuring a positive and significantly more commercial approach to getting a resolution.
  3. Relationships – ADR is founded on collaboration for mutual agreement, with professional mediators and negotiators working to protect the relationships between project stakeholders. The process means you have a neutral facilitator on hand that fosters constructive dialogue rather than adversarial legal battles. This enables contractors can maintain valuable partnerships and enhance future collaboration opportunities.
  4. Tailored Solutions – Every dispute is unique, and each one requires a customised approach. ADR allows for the customisation of strategies to address the unique complexities of infrastructure and construction projects. Whether dealing with contract disputes, construction delays, or regulatory compliance issues, with ADR we can provide tailored solutions that align with infrastructure and construction project challenges.

Why choose Lewis Woolcott for ADR?

When choosing an ADR solution, industry knowledge plays a huge part in the success of the process. Our negotiators are among the best in the industry because they truly understand the commercial drivers of large infrastructure and construction projects. They are also equipped with data-backed insights and comprehensive claims assessment tools. Part of our success in helping our clients resolve disputes and claims is driven by our belief in technology to support project success through insights and data. A technology-driven approach ensures clean and fair negotiations, encouraging positive outcomes and preserving working relationships.

Opting for ADR over litigation offers numerous benefits, and our approach further enhances these advantages. From dealing with disputes quickly to preserving stakeholder relationships, our services provide a holistic solution for construction industry challenges. With our global reach and local expertise, we can navigate cross-border disputes, ensuring project success.


Over the last four years Lewis Woolcott have built ADR into our fastest growing business unit.  We would love to help you streamline your claim and dispute resolution processes, saving you time, money, and stress. Contact us for a discussion on (07) 3155 3565 or email:

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Smoother outcomes for disputes and claims with ADR