As a leading Australian commercial and project management consultancy company within the construction, infrastructure and engineering sectors, we get a lot of questions from our clients about software, project management, commercial management and contracts.

Here on our blog, we cover some of the biggest questions our clients have in these areas, and provide advice, news, updates and thought pieces across construction, infrastructure, engineering and project management in Australia.

May 16 2022

Growing Tomorrow’s Commercial Leaders

Graduate Programs to Support Future Leaders The purpose of learning and development within any organisation is to align the employee’s goals and their performance with those of the business. Priding themselves on their focus…
Apr 08 2022

Lewis Woolcott Announces New Sydney Office

Lewis Woolcott is excited to announce that its newest office, situated in the heart of the bustling Sydney CBD, is set to open in early May and will be the home-base for a team…
Mar 24 2022

Leading the Way in Sustainable Construction

Infrastructure is the bedrock of everyday life, from the roads we drive on and the sporting arenas we cheer in to the buildings where we live and work. It gives communities their roots and…
Oct 20 2021

Stephen Banks joins Lewis Woolcott as Head of ADR, Contracts & Commercial

Lewis Woolcott is delighted to welcome Stephen Banks to the team as the newly appointed, Head of ADR, Contracts & Commercial. A Chartered Engineer from Durham University with a Master’s in Business Law, Stephen…
Sep 13 2021

Lewis Woolcott announces the opening of its new Perth office

As a leading Technology & Professional Services’ provider, Lewis Woolcott is expanding its West Coast operations and opening its new Perth office at 181 St Georges Terrace in October. Western Australia is one of…
Aug 27 2021

Lewis Woolcott Launches Groundbreaking Critical Path Software Service

Lewis Woolcott is delighted to announce the launch of Logic+, a faster, more accurate and reliable method of calculating critical paths for major construction and infrastructure projects. Lewis Woolcott’s John Lewis welcomed the launch,…
Jun 16 2021

John Hadden joins Lewis Woolcott as new Director – Digital Technology

Welcome to Dr. John Hadden Lewis Woolcott is delighted to welcome John Hadden to the team as the newly appointed Director of digital Technology.  John joins us with close to 20 years of experience working in the…
May 25 2021

Lessons from my Mentors

Negotiation Styles Our weekly blogs aim to provide advice from the lessons that we’ve learnt in our collective commercial dealings. But we can’t take credit for all the guidance we impart. Thinking back over…
May 11 2021

The Lewis Woolcott Top 10 Destructive Commercial Practices

There are many common mistakes that companies make in their commercial practices that may seem like a good idea at the time, but could be causing significant negative impact to their business operations or…

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