Lewis Woolcott Launches Groundbreaking Critical Path Software Service

Aug 27 2021

Lewis Woolcott is delighted to announce the launch of Logic+, a faster, more accurate and reliable method of calculating critical paths for major construction and infrastructure projects.

Lewis Woolcott’s John Lewis welcomed the launch, “The LW team have worked tirelessly to develop Logic+ and I’m delighted with the final product,”

“Having spent my career analysing delays and supporting the resolution of commercial issues, the tools used by delay analysts have changed very little during this time.  We at LW have used every conventional planning and delay software on the market, and to be honest, we’ve found them wanting,”

“Logic+ goes beyond conventional planning and delay software, revolutionising critical path calculation, delay analysis and reporting. The power of the data contained in the schedule files is brought to maximum effect, allowing even people with no planning experience to view, analyse and understand a project’s critical path.”

Logic+ enables users to upload multiple planning files in multiple formats such as Microsoft Project and Primavera and then uses an algorithm to analyse each file to identify the project’s critical path. The critical path is provided in a clear linear sequence of activities that makes understanding your project’s critical path, and delays impacting the critical path, simple.

Logic+ analyses all activities from all uploaded schedule files. It then works backwards from any selected activity (such as ‘Practical Completion’) and uses all available data to find the most likely predecessor activity – even when there are no defined logic links. Logic+ also gives the analyst insights into gaps and delays along the critical path.

In addition, Logic+’s clear audit trail of identifying the critical path can be used to assess Extension of Time claims and form the foundation for prolongation claims. 

“Logic+ is ideal for planners, project controls specialists, delay analysts, asset owners and construction lawyers who are keen to enhance their productivity, improve accuracy and transparency, or are looking for a way to validate or enhance their manual calculations more rapidly.”  

“Thanks to Logic+, analysis that would take weeks can be delivered efficiently and simply in minutes, enhancing the calculation of a project’s critical path.”

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Lewis Woolcott Launches Groundbreaking Critical Path Software Service