Growing Tomorrow’s Commercial Leaders

May 16 2022

Graduate Programs to Support Future Leaders

The purpose of learning and development within any organisation is to align the employee’s goals and their performance with those of the business.

Priding themselves on their focus on in-house training and career development, Lewis Woolcott believes that the continual upskilling of talented individuals with specific expertise is critical to their success and their delivery of industry-leading professional services.

As part of this focus, the decision to offer a graduate program to eager young individuals looking to gain industry experience has been a step in the right direction. Not only does it give the graduate the ability to bridge the gap between their formal education and the workplace, but it gives Lewis Woolcott the opportunity to support their growth, provide project experience and offer career development within the business.

Mikaela's Journey

Still completing her final year of university, Mikaela Kenwood joined Lewis Woolcott as a graduate planner in early 2022 and has since then quickly progressed through a series of in-house training and collaboration sessions to upskill and develop her abilities in the project controls department.  Her desire and quick ability to learn now sees her working alongside her fellow colleagues on a multitude of tasks, from general planning support to Power BI and end-of-month reporting.

“My time at Lewis Woolcott has been thoroughly enjoyable in so many ways.

Being afforded the opportunity to work on projects for companies such as Rio Tinto and BHP has not only provided me with invaluable industry involvement but has also given me the tools and confidence to further develop my skills as a planner. In just a few months, I have already learnt a great deal about project management, from firsthand experience in the identification and reporting of project risks, to the ability to create and maintain detailed schedules.

To date, one of my favourite moments working with Lewis Woolcott was being able to embark on a trip to Karratha, Western Australia. During this three-day trip, I was given a unique firsthand experience of the complex and collaborative facets of working within the ever-evolving industry. Completing site visits and preparing reports provided me with an incredibly interesting and fulfilling insight into the everyday workings of engineering and project management.

Since beginning in January, I truly feel that Lewis Woolcott has given me the vast and advanced array of knowledge and skills required to succeed in the competitive and fast-paced real-world working environment, which is something I am incredibly grateful for as a young professional. In addition, the support and mentoring from both my colleagues and managers has been outstanding. As a woman in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), feeling valued and encouraged by those in my work environment is vital to my professional development and confidence, and I am proud to say that I work for an organisation that values their undergraduates as highly as Lewis Woolcott does.

After university, I aim to have developed advanced project management skills and adeptness in communicating effectively, in addition to enhanced technical and problem-solving skills. I have noticed that my professional skillset has already improved through my work as a Graduate Planner at Lewis Woolcott.

Eventually, I would love the opportunity to work abroad in a multi-faceted and high-responsibility role where I am able to showcase my talents effectively and contribute to the ongoing success of an international organisation.” – Mikaela Kenwood, Graduate Planner at Lewis Woolcott.

Future Opportunities

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Growing Tomorrow’s Commercial Leaders