Harnessing Power BI to Empower Decision Making and Project Management

Jun 16 2023

In major infrastructure development, the ability to leverage data effectively can be the difference between successful project outcomes and costly delays.

Power BI (a business intelligence tool developed by Microsoft) has revolutionised how we analyse and visualise data. When aligned with a project’s goals and key metrics, it can provide valuable, data-driven insights that empower decision-makers and project managers.

Power BI consolidates data from different project sources into a unified view that saves time and provides a big-picture look at project inputs and progress.

The Benefits of Power BI

 The benefits of Power BI include:

  1. Improved Data Visibility: Power BI provides a consolidated view of complex data sets, letting users gain a big-picture understanding of project performance, resource allocation and risk factors. By offering a range of visualisations including charts, graphs, maps and tables, complex information is presented in a clear and concise way that is easy to digest.
  2. Real-Time Reporting: When connected to live data sources (like SMART), Power BI creates real-time reporting, providing up-to-the-minute insights.
  3. Interactive Dashboards: Power BI’s interactive dashboards allow users to drill down into data, explore trends and uncover patterns, leading to better decision-making.
  4. Collaboration and Sharing: Power BI’s integration with Office 365 facilitates collaboration between stakeholders with the easy sharing of reports, insights and analysis.

How We Customise Your Power BI For Tailored Reporting

We customise Power BI dashboards for our clients so the information is relevant and presented in a way that can be easily understood, and shared upstream and downstream within a project team for better collaboration and more informed decision-making.

After detailed scoping meetings to identify the project goals, key metrics and highest priorities, our team of data analysts and coders develop the dashboard in line with project goals and provide valuable customised reports that detail actual progress vs baseline, and other vital metrics that show the true status and progress of a project against plan.

By following best practices and optimising Power BI to suit your project’s goals and needs, we can enhance your ability to make informed, data-driven decisions, manage projects efficiently and deliver results.

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Harnessing Power BI to Empower Decision Making and Project Management