SMART – The Future Is Coming

Apr 22 2021

Imagine a project where you could see all your people and resources working in real time. What would you do differently?

You would warn people if they strayed into a high-risk area and let them know if a train or wide load was coming. You would make sure they weren’t working on top of each other or in close proximity. You might change the site pedestrian routes or relocate stores to reduce walking time. You wouldn’t need to manually write down everything that happened on site because you could see it, and you certainly wouldn’t need to argue about the effect of that period of heavy rain, because it would be clear for all to see. 

Well, at the risk of being trite, there’s no need to imagine because we’ve developed SMART – Site Mapping And Resource Tracking.  

The image accompanying this blog shows our SMART technology operating in the Pilbara.

But this is only the start. In the not too distant future, we see a time where all site data can be collected using technology, allowing safety and data analysis to be carried out remotely.

Imagine the benefits of centralised project controls – less FIFO, lower camp requirements, real-time trending and management, and constant vigilance over worker safety wherever you or your people may be in the world.

There will undoubtably be some challenges to achieve this vision, but SMART is the first step on this path. 

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SMART – The Future Is Coming