Not Again

Mar 30 2021

Whether you work in Commercial Management, Claims Consulting or Construction Law, eventually you will look back and realise that you have been arguing about the same things again and again, time after time.

Here are a few examples to jog your memory – you’re time barred; no, I’m not, the notice requirements weren’t adhered to on the project. Your directions exceeded the contract requirements; no, they didn’t, you had an obligation to achieve the higher standard. Your change delayed the critical path; no, it didn’t, your procurement delay was concurrent.

Whilst not all arguments can be resolved with technology, there is one thing that should no longer be up for debate, and that’s the demonstration of effects to on site resources.

In the age of Uber where we can watch the driver edge towards our chosen location for a $10 fare, why would we not monitor the movements of our onsite personnel when such large sums of money turn on demonstrating impacts.

That’s why Lewis Woolcott has developed a site mapping tool that shows, using heat mapping technology, exactly where people were, their trade and how long they were delayed or impacted for.

This tool is currently being rolled out across various projects in the Pilbara and Papua New Guinea and will provide an exact record on site resources.

For more information, check out our SMART technology on the Lewis Woolcott website.

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Not Again